Plants That Go Well With Fences

Plants That Go Well With Fences

Before people install a fence in a business or a house they think only about its functionality. The most common one is safety. They don’t see the bigger picture or things that can do with a fence. Yet, once the fence is in place, the ideas start to flow and everyone wants to add a personal touch to their fences. There are some plants that go well with fences and this is the common thing to do when having a fencing project. From small plants to even palm trees, there are a lot of things to get near a fence. So, read on to learn about the plants that go well with fences.

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Vertical garden plants

We’ve already talked about building a vertical garden on a fence, this is a great way to use the space to show off some plants. For that, there are some amazing plants that you can hang there or put along some shelves with planters. The plants that go well with fences like these are the Chinese Jasmine Star Climber and the Lilly Pilly. Both options are amazing for them. But, if you prefer trees, we recommend the Southern Magnolia and Pencil Pine trees.

plants that can go well with fences
plants that go well with fences

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Ground plants

If you prefer to have the plants on the ground, there are some nice options. Yet, before planting them, make sure you check the ground around the fence to avoid common fence damage. For the plants that we recommend that you put on the ground, we have Azaleas, Roses, Cone flowers, Nandinas, and Hydrangea bushes. All these plants are amazing as long as you make a cohesive showing of them. Plus, they are really easy to plant and go well with wood or vinyl fences. So, get started and beautify that garden with some plants and your very own fence project.

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