Update your security camera system

Update your security camera system

Security is an asset that contributes to your peace of mind. Upgrading surveillance cameras fulfills that goal. Every time, security equipment gets better. The technology changes, the resolution of the cameras is better. So why not update your security camera system in Chicago. 

These are good reasons to update your security camera system. Here’s some advice from a camera installation company.

Image Resolution

The video quality and resolution of security camera systems have improved dramatically. Perhaps your store or office has an outdated system capable of producing grainy images. Upgrade your cameras is the first recommendation.

Low-quality images

Older camera systems are known for producing poor images in low light conditions.  Older analog security cameras send a video signal to their digital video recorder (DVR). The signal is then processed and recorded. The result is an image of limited resolution. 

With an analog security camera, you cannot zoom in. Nor can it identify a vehicle’s license plate. Did you know that an IP security camera system allows you to capture high-resolution images? They have features such as Pan-Tilt-Zoom, license plate recognition, and remote viewing options.


Storage problems

DVRs that record, process and store material from analog cameras are not capable of handling such data. 

The most common methods of IP camera compression reduce the video to about a quarter of its original size. It allows you to store more video in your network video recorder (NVR). This is much improved in terms of storage. These compression capabilities help to capture a higher quality image.  

Wireless security camera systems are available that offer free cloud storage. Now, digital IP cameras allow the video to be recorded on an internal memory card.

Fewer options

Did you know that older analog security camera systems lack the options common to modern IP systems? By upgrading the camera equipment you will have remote accessibility. Also the ability to integrate with access control and alarm systems.

Remote View Security Cameras

Now you can track your business from anywhere at any time. If you have an up-to-date digital security camera system. Now you can watch your employees and your workplace from anywhere with your smartphone, tablet or computer. 

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution for your security camera needs for better home surveillance. We are experts in the installation of security cameras in Chicago. Follow the recommendations of experts in business surveillance systems.