What Permits Does A Wood Fence Need?

What Permits Does A Wood Fence Need?

Many construction or remodeling activities require licenses and permits to Build Wood Fencing that accredits the owner to carry out their construction projects. This is necessary to ensure that all work is in accordance with the provisions of the city. Building codes establish requirements that guarantee the safety of the owners, and also that of the occupants and neighbors. If you’re wondering what permits does a wood fence need, we have the answer right here!

When is a permit required?

When building a new fence and even for updating and repairing an existing fence, you need a building permit.

On the other hand, minor repairs such as the replacement of individual posts; even the replacement of some parts of the fence, do not require a specific building permit.

In cases where a permit is required, the owner would need a  building permit application form.

You can look for your local city hall and ask for building permits. Our fence contractors can guide you in the right direction before starting your fence installation process.


Prepare to submit a written form specifying the job and its scope. The owner needs to have a written description of the scope, and other documents such as proposed plans detailing location, for example.

All this list of documents is in the corresponding building office if you decide to do the construction by yourself.

You should take into account that if your construction is in a commercial establishment; you will need to add other additional requirements. They are special for buildings, commercial use establishments, institutions, among others.

Also, remember that the cost of the permit varies according to the type and place of construction.

We hope this answers the question of what permits does a wood fence need. For further help remember to contact our professional fence contractors. We are here to help!