When To Replace a Fence?

When To Replace a Fence?

People think that the only option when comes to fencing is repairing. And yes, it is good to repair fences but the costs can add up if repairs are done often. We are not saying not to repair your fence but there might be a better option. Replacing a fence is something people do not consider. They think it will be an expensive process. But, trust us, if your fence is too damaged it might be time for a replacement. Learn today when to replace a fence.

Are you concerned about the resistance of your fence?

A lot of damage

If your fence is already worn out, it might be time to consider a fence replacement. Thankfully, there are a lot of local fence companies out here in Chicago. A lot of them are happy to give you good options for fence installation. As contractors with more than 40 years of experience, we can say something firmly. Installing a new fence will be a lot cheaper than repairing one that is beyond repair. The weather in Chicago is hard. Especially during winter. Fences take a lot of damage due to this. If your fence has seen its best days go by then it is time for a new one.

A new project

Another good time to install or replace a fence is whenever you have something new at home or work. For instance, if you’re expanding part of the exterior of your house you ought to replace what you had. Maybe you want to change the exterior of your house or repaint it. There could be a new fence that matches the exterior better. Not everything has to do with damage and you can find great options to customize your home or company. You can also replace your old fence with a higher one in the case of a business. Some people keep products safe and that is why it is important to update that fence with a new one. Either way, this is when to replace a fence. If you want more information or a free estimate, we are your #1 option. Call today!

Aluminum Fences

These fences are quite durable. Actually, they fall into the category of the most durable fence materials. Aluminum is a really good material to use. Yet, that doesn’t mean it will not get damaged. While it is sturdy, it can also suffer from damage. Ironically, the damage doesn’t come from the fence itself. Rather, it comes from what surrounds it. Or more specifically, what is beneath. As you know, fencing installation is all a process. It requires permits before you start installing. And even with that, you need an inspection. And that inspection is useful to analyze the ground below. So, one of the most common damages to aluminum fences is what lies belowground. Most times roots grow and can push the fence out of place or break it altogether. So, make sure to check there’s nothing in the way of your fence.

Wood Fences

Some of the prettiest fences out there but one of the less durable materials. Now, it doesn’t mean the lifespan of the fence is little. These fences last for years. If taken care of correctly. There are a lot of wood fence materials for commercial properties. So, depending on your budget, you can choose one or the other. However, keep in mind that wood fences will require more constant care. Although, this is where the benefit of wood fences comes from. There isn’t only one type of fence. Wood comes in different types. Such as redwood or cypress. Also, there is treated and untreated wood. For which we recommend the former. So, if you do want a commercial wood fence, go for it. Just make sure to give proper maintenance to it. Most common damage can go from insects to mold, and just normal wear and tear.

Iron Fences

Now, the most durable fence material out there also suffers from damage. That is a fact. Even though there are some fence maintenance tips out there, iron fences could be replaced too. What is the biggest risk they take though? Well, rust. They can suffer from rust quite easily. Especially in a city like Chicago. Why? The weather is extreme. During winter we get a lot of snow all around the city. One day we can wake up and see a huge layer of snow around our fence. Some people just leave it sitting there and think that’s fine. But it isn’t. Snow will eventually thaw and leave behind water that can rust the fence. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen eventually. That is why it is a good idea to keep them dry. If it is rusty, then it is time to replace it.

reasons to replace a chain link fence

Chain-Link Fences

Weirdly enough, people think that this material isn’t durable. People think it is flimsy due to its flexibility and the way it is installed. But no, it is very sturdy. That is why a lot of commercial properties install it. Yet, like any other material, it also suffers from damage. Here, happens the same as with iron. Rust is a chain-link fence’s worst enemy. However, a lot of other things can happen. If you do not install the fence correctly, the chain link can wear off. It can break and it will cause damage to all the fences. You could see it get some empty spots that will affect it. So, in that case, make sure to call fence contractors to give the fence proper maintenance. Otherwise, it will be too late. We recommend replacing the fence if you see it with a lot of broken chain links.

Vinyl Fences

People find it hard to believe this, but vinyl fences are the ones that require less replacing. Why is that? Well, vinyl fences require just a little bit of maintenance. With the way how the material is made, it is impervious to water or insect damage. So, in that case, it isn’t as fragile as wood. You just need to wash the vinyl the right way and that’s it. However, as we mentioned with the aluminum ones. Make sure the installation was done correctly. Else, it will definitely suffer damage. But yes, we would say vinyl fences are the ones that almost never get replaced. Only a bit of maintenance and that is it. You’re set for a long time.

Final recommendation

So, when should you replace your fence? There is one rule we have here in the fence installation industry. If 25% of your fence is damaged, replace it. The repairs can sometimes cost a lot more than a new fence. This makes an impact on the company’s money. So, in that case, it might be better just to get a new fence for the business. Yet, it will all depend on what you choose. However, if you want some advice on that, contact your local fence contractors. They can lead you on the right path to make a good fence installation. So, do not hesitate on calling contractors such as us. And, if you need a new fence, we offer a free quote. Just call today and we’ll get started!

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