10 Common Outdoor Security Camera Setup Mistakes

Security Camera Setup Mistakes

Safety is taken for granted until it’s too late. Luckily there are certain measures you can take. One of them is the security camera installation. Now you can monitor your property, employees, and customers through video and voice surveillance. However, there are 10 Common Outdoor Security Camera Setup Mistakes.

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security camera setup mistakes

Mistake #1: Not using a reliable power source

Make sure you are connected to a good power source. You can connect it directly to an outlet or battery.

Mistake #2: Not ordering from Osceola Fence Chicago’s leader in Security Camera and Intercom Systems”

The camera installation company offers a lot. The company provides dedicated support after and before your purchase.

Mistake #9: Not setting up alerts

You can receive notifications when motion or sound is detected on a security camera. To edit the notifications associated with a camera, you must edit the modes.

Mistake #8: Not using enough cameras

Make sure you have enough cameras to scope out the different areas. Also, you could limit yourself to only four cameras in your house. However, you should invest more to cover all the area. This is in the case of the inventory of your business.

Mistake #7: To expect every camera to read everything from any distance

You need to ask yourself the purpose of the security cameras. Cameras work best if you change the settings to your advantage.

Mistake #6: Blocking your IR LED lights

IR LEDs can remain invisible to the naked eye! You need them for your security cameras to work where there is not much light.

Mistake #5: Forgetting to waterproof your connections

The weather is an important factor. Humidity and rain are no good for your connections.

Mistake #4: Not being concerned about the security of the network itself

It is a possibility that a hacker could enter if you are not careful. You need to secure your recorded footage. So, it’s so important to use a safe password!

Mistake #3: To hide every security camera

Sometimes hidden cameras are necessary to catch someone. However, as a security tool, cameras should be obvious.

Mistake #10: Picking the wrong security camera emplacement

It is true that security cameras placed high up are great for covering large areas. But, they are not good for evidence purposes.

There are many other factors that you should consider. The sunlight can shine directly on a camera’s lens. You need to take everything into consideration!

common security camera setup mistakes

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