How does an automatic gate works?

How does an automatic gate works?

There are certain measures that can guarantee you full peace of mind. One of them is the installation of an automatic sliding gate. Business owners often want to implement a variety of entry and access systems. The automatic security gates installations in Kenilworth are really popular. Mostly among the owners of business establishments. In a Kenilworth Fence Company, you have many options. There are several designs of slide gate openers, you can easily choose and install the gate system that best fits your security needs and budget. However, it is important that you understand how to open the automatic sliding gate. So, How does an automatic gate works?

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Consider the design and model of the gate

The way the slide gate will open will depend on its design, model and security features. Usually, you will have to get out of the car to open the manual gate system. Also, you can simply use a physical key to unlock the gate, and then slide the gate open. However, you can open the electronic gate opener in a many ways. You would need the correct access code or acquire an electronic key to open the sliding driveway gates.

Wireless opener

You can open some sliding automatic gates using a wireless opener. The openers will active the gate remotely. But, you must use the exact opener keypad to match the gate. In case you have a remote control, you can press the right keys to unlock the gate.

Electronic key

Sometimes business owners use individual electronic keys to the regular as well temporary visitors. So in that way you can open such gate only by swiping the electronic key provided by the owner. The electronic key must be swiped over a sensor located near the sliding gate. You will be required to use electronic fobs or coded key-cards.

Access code

You can use keypads. The keypads are usually installed outside the entrance. So, in order to enter to your business, the visitor would have to type the access code.


You can let in many people to your business establishment after they have provided their identity. Each visitor would have to buzz the intercom placed outside the gate. Based on you buzz, a person from inside will check your identity and allow you to enter.

Sometimes you need to override the gate lock manually. This is in case the electronic operating system is not working properly. The, you would have to find and use the manual release key switch places on the side of operator box.

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