New Coat or a New Fence Installation

New Coat or a New Fence Installation

Here are some tips to help you with your decision about  choosing a New Coat or a New Fence Installation. Because every fence that makes up our fence is also part of the facade of our house. Something like the edges of a business card, and although almost all them are straight and of the same form.

Do you want to invest in your fence?

New coat

If your fence is relatively new or only a few years old, it is best to apply a new layer. You can do it yourself. Remove stains, sand the paint and apply a new varnish.

You can also hire professional services to repaint the fence. These are the steps you should take if you decide to do it yourself.

Remove the current coat of paint. It can be done with chemicals or a pressure washer. 

Once the fence is ready to be painted, choose the color of the paint. There are a wide variety of finishes. Look for options that prevent wear, dirt and mud stains. 

Painting is a cheaper alternative to recover the fence and prolong its life.

Chicago New Coat or a New Fence Installation
New Coat or a New Fence Installation Chicago

New Fence Instalation

If your fence is not sound, look unsafe. it’s time for a new fence. Also if the wood is rotten with loose panels, it’s another sign for a change. You need a new fence installation. 

Tastes change. You may want a different style of the same fence or a fence made of different materials.  

A chain wire fence is not the best option if privacy is your number one concern. While a wood panel fence may be unsafe for children, depending on the style and finish.

But if you want more protection for your home or its limits. You can try materials like iron or aluminum that provide more security.