Be a Good Neighbor: Fence Installation Etiquette Tips

Be a Good Neighbor: Fence Installation Etiquette Tips

These are a few rules for fence installation. Have good communication with your neighbor to define property lines. as a result of this, you can get the exact measurement for the fence installation etiquette.

Installation of fences

When installing a fence, you shouldn’t think about yourself. You should consider your neighbors as a rule of cohabitation. Know if the type of fence you want is allowed in your neighborhood. If there are no problems in that sense, then install your fence. If there are rules in the neighborhood, consider them. But go ahead with the installation.

Property Lines

The lines to delimit a property sounds logical. Know where your property begins and where it ends? Review your house plans. If you don’t have them, ask your county records office for the documents.

Be polite and talk to your neighbor

You have the right for the fence installation etiquette inside your property. But courtesy to your neighbor is a good way to avoid legal problems. A fence is a line, not a wall to create conflict. You and your neighbor may think about placing a fence, you can work together on the project and share the costs.

Expose the best side of the fence to the neighbor

Certain types of fences have a finished side or a “good” side.  The finished side should face your neighbor. Not only is it more polite, but it is the standard. Your property will look much better with the “good” side facing the outside world. 

There are also fences that look identical on both sides.  They are called “good neighbor fences” for this reason.

Maintain the fence

If you want your fence to look good, the paint won’t fade, stay clean, and the wood won’t rot. It must be properly maintained.

 If you can’t handle the maintenance of a wood fence, consider aluminum as an alternative. A darker colored fence will also show less dirt than a lighter one and will not need to be cleaned as often.

If you follow these recommendations it will be easier for you to enjoy having a fence on your property.