Automatic Gates: The New Modern And Secure Trend For Your Business

Automatic Gates: The New Modern And Secure Trend For Your Business

The installation of a security system is very important when you own a business. Nowadays several electric gates Chicago set a trend in security and style, thanks to the fact that they represent the face of the company. Therefore we will see how they work, the different types of electric gates that are in trend and how it will benefit you and your company.

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Automatic gates are the answer

Imagine the following scenario: You are on your way to work on a normal day and without warning it starts to rain heavily. Do you have to risk getting out of your vehicle to open the main entrance gate?. Chances are you will get completely wet before you get back into your vehicle and realize you have to get out again to close the gate behind you. And if you are familiar with the peculiar weather in Chicago, you surely know what we are talking about.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically open your gate and close it and just get out of your car once you are in the safety of your business?

An Automatic gate installation Chicago that runs on electricity so that they open at the push of a button: that’s what you need! More or less any type of gate can be automated: swing, sliding and lifting.

How does an automatic gate work?

It is important to know, how an automatic gate works before purchasing it in order to have an idea of what is needed.

The automatic gates, operate with a receiver or gate operator Chicago mounted on the gate that receives the signal from the transmitter, and thanks to new technology this electric gate system Chicago can be operated with a small remote control, or even a keypad. The signal sent between the receiver and the transmitter activates the gate to open or close, by the action of an electric motor.

Automatic Gates The new modern and secure trend for your business swing gate gate operator

What are the benefits of having an automatic gate?

There are those who have regular or manual gates and are hesitant to invest in electric gate systems Chicago or if it is just a luxury. To answer this, it is necessary to talk about the benefits of automatic security gates Chicago that can change anyone’s mind.

The main advantage of having Automatic Security Gates Illinois is the security it offers since it is very common to know that in Chicago vandalism is present around the corner, and this barrier makes their job more difficult since circumventing this type of security is not an easy task.

With this type of system you can open or close the gate without leaving the security of your vehicle.

Convenience is important and with an automatic gate this is achieved because you don’t have to worry about interfering with street traffic or making a physical effort to open or close the gate.

Another advantage of this type of gate is that you can purchase a gate that matches the style that suits your business and your needs. In some cases, you can even automate your existing gate.

Types of automatic gates in trend

There are different Chicago Automatic Security Gates, which can be chosen according to the owner’s taste, but in some cases the decision is limited to the space available.

Automatic sliding gates

Generally they are composed of one or two leaves that slide laterally allowing the entrance of the vehicle or person. If sufficient space is available for movement, it can be the ideal mechanism since it is one of the fastest to open. The leaves are supported on rails that support all the weight and adapts to the gear of the motor that performs the movement.

Automatic Gates The new modern
Automatic Gates The new modern and secure trend for your business swing gate

Automatic Swing Gate

It is one of the most advanced systems that can be found and its opening is equal to that of any gate. In spite of being fast opening, they are a little slower than the sliding ones. They require more space for the movement of the gate leaf.


This is a good investment that will last for many years, regardless of the opening system you choose to install. Although most use metal to manufacture Automatic Security Gates Illinois, there are also other materials such as wood, aluminum, vinyl, wrought iron, chain link among others

All if them have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to being part of an automatic gate. It is only a matter of choosing the ideal model and a fence company Chicago with specialists in this type of work to ensure the best finish at the entrance of your property.