New Balcony Trends To Welcome Spring Season in Chicago

New Balcony Trends To Welcome Spring Season In Chicago

 This season’s snow is about to vanish to usher in a new chapter for citizen of Chicago, and with it, new balcony trends welcome the Spring season. So, as the windy city, we love as citizens to feel that fresh air that gives us that sense of freedom, and at the same time we want to be safe. Therefore, we suggest these following balconies in trend for your business and get ahead of the season.

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Let's Start With The Definition Of A Balcony

As one of the most beautiful and interesting elements of both residential and commercial building. It is important to realize that, the balcony is a surface that protrudes around the perimeter of the building and, with adequate protection, also gives the inhabitants the possibility to enjoy a small open air space, as well as different types of views according to the location.

For these reasons, while older buildings feature stone railings with thick, wide pillars, today’s railings are often made of metal or wood and, usually feature narrow bars to add more visible space (while preventing individuals from passing through them).

New Balcony Trends To Welcome Spring Season

New Balcony Trends

Meanwhile, with the arrival of spring usually, the new balcony trends are leaning towards Wrought Iron Balconies Chicago and wooden balconies. Both with their particular style. So, their choice is based more on the owner’s preference and style.

For that reason, many entrepreneurs invest in Custom Iron balcony railings Chicago, to give an image of strength and safety to its users, and being customized, they also dare to send the most modern and daring designs of balconies, some with complex geometries and others decide to place glass panels with railings either wood or iron giving a very modern and elegant look.

New Balcony Trends To Welcome Spring Season

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New Balcony Trends: Advantages Of Wrought Iron

Firstly, wrought iron is very malleable, wich allows it to be heated, reheated and given various shapes. Therefore, the more wrought iron is worked, the stronger ir becomes and it is characterized by its fibrous appearance. So, wrought iron contains less carbon than cast iron, wich makes it softer and more ductile.

For this propuse, painting is an important point when it comes to building the final aesthetics of the material. Plus, the application should be made on clean and dry surfaces for good absorption.

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New Balcony Trends: Advantages Of Wood

By comparison, the use of wood creates less waste and speeds up construction times. Also has Greater energy effiency. Therefore, wood helps to energy efficiency because of its ability to conduct heat, wich makes it a better insulator than other materials.

Therefore, it is an easy material to work with and also to adapt to any space, so it is not a problem when installing it on terraces, railings, etc.

For this reasons, teak is one type of wood usually use for built. So is the great favorites among the others, for its hardness and resistance and also to outdoor weather. Moreover, this material withstands very well the weather conditions such as cold and heat and even.

New wood Balcony Trends in Spring

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New Balcony Trends: A Final Consideration

Finally, it is a very important to consider having a good company that knows the permits and safety measures that must be taken, so the best option is to have a Chicago Wrought iron balcony railing company at your service, that responds with quality. Osceola Fence is a company with more than 45 years of experience in custom fabrication and design, plus installation, that can gladly give you a wide catalog, we also manufacture to measure and always with the best quality for you.