Best Surveillance Cameras

Best Surveillance Cameras

Integral Security as a culture of life is part of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. This means that we must adapt to new technologies. Whit the best surveillance cameras we are looking for protection. Like you, here in Oceola Fences, we also think of our loved ones, employees, and homes.

Our security camera system wired crew will take care of helping you in the installation of equipment. You buy them and we install them.

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Home security camera system outdoor

Video Surveillance Systems

View your property anywhere, anytime with high-definition footage. For assistance selecting a security system that suits your needs and budget, contact the video surveillance experts at Osceola.

Which are the best surveillance cameras on the market?

The companies with more experience are the only ones that can offer you the best outdoor CCTV surveillance cameras. The best security camera system outdoor must have special characteristics. Those have to distinguish themselves and make them ideal products to operate efficiently.
Generally, the high-quality characteristics for security camera system Chicago include:
-Reinforced housing
-Top-quality materials
-Special reader for night lighting
-Motion sensors
-High resolution of the images

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Types of cameras

Bullet cameras

The name of these cameras refers to the construction of their metal body in the shape of a cylinder. You can find these cameras both indoors and outdoors, aided by LEDs for visibility. However, they only point in one direction.

Dome cameras

The domes of these cameras avoid knowing which direction they are pointing. In addition, they often include a wider range of image settings such as night vision or focus.

PTZ cameras

Acronym for Pan Tilt Zoom as they can be adjusted remotely. Also, they may have preset programs.


This type of camera is mounted at a higher height for a better viewing range or to capture more elements due to its location.

Automated license plate readers

These cameras are computer-controlled to specifically capture the license plate of the cars or the cars themselves.

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