Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Your fence

Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Your Fence

Fences have become over time an unmatched security instrument, becoming a leader in the market for more than two decades. What many people do not know is that depending on the material they are made of, maintenance may vary, and that without proper maintenance they may not reach their maximum potential in terms of duration, i.e. it is possible that due to lack of maintenance and poor development of this they may be damaged or break more easily. That is why today we present Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Your Fence, so that it is not your case and make your fences accompany you for much longer.

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Some Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Your Fence

We know how important it is to take care of your fences and we are clear that not all work the same way, so we give you specific tips for each type of material, this will not only make them look beautiful but will extend the life of these giving you that brightness of the first day.

Iron Fence:

Use a sponge or washcloth with liquid soap or steel foam cleaner to clean. Then rub the grates with a dry cloth until the structure is free of moisture.

Vinyl Fence:

Dirt, soot and lime. For a dirty vinyl fence, all you need is a bucket of water with soap.  Dish soap or regular laundry detergent will do. Additionally a soft brush and a garden hose. Apply the soap mixture by hand and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Chain Link Fence:

It is important to clean regularly so that the fences not only look clean and shiny, but are also more resistant to rust. Normally, rinsing and wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient. If bird droppings are present, they must be removed with soap and water.

Wood Fence:

Remove dust and stains by wiping with a semi-damp cloth with a neutral liquid soap and water solution.
If you prefer, you can use a spray bottle to apply the solution of water and neutral liquid soap, if you prefer, you can use a spray bottle to apply the mixture.
spray bottle to apply the mixture. Using a soft cloth dampened with clean water, wipe off any residue from the solution applied in the previous step. Wipe dry with a soft dry cloth. Apply red wood oil with a soft cloth evenly (never directly on the wood), each time you apply red wood oil. As you can see wooden fences have more needs than other types. 

Aluminum Fence:

Abrasive materials such as sponge or steel brushes, sandpaper, etc., should not be used. Remove cleaners or neutral soap with water as quickly as possible. Do not clean at extreme temperatures.

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Depending on the material of which your Fence is made of, the way to maintain it can differ. We recommend you establish a care schedule of at least two times per year. Our fence company in Chicago is dedicated to bringing you the best content to extend the life of your fence. We hope you found this article helpful and encourage you to read the following related articles.