Choosing a Home Security Camera

Choosing a Home Security Camera

If you fear for the safety of your home due to the insecurity rates that exist in the city of Chicago. If so, you can choose to hire our home camera installation service. But if you have doubts about this subject, you need to know specifically the type of cameras or which are the models available in the market. We will explain everything about Choosing a Home Security Camera.

Types of Home Security Cameras

Cameras with IP Technology
These cameras are connecting through your Internet router as if they were computers. They offer a resolution of 1080p, which allows you to zoom in. This is useful for identifying tattoos and moles in thieves. Some include an angular lens that records at 180 degrees.

Hidden Cameras
They are bestoption for discreet recording. They are installing inside mirrors, smoke detectors, sockets, etc.

4k Ultra HD Cameras
Cover four times more space than 1080p cameras, and double the zoom distance. They include infrared function that allows sharpness even in the dark.

Closed Circuit Cameras
Circuit Cameras are the traditional video surveillance cameras. Allows you to watch your computer, TV and cell phone. You can watch what happens at any time from anywhere.

Video Alarm Camera
It contain sensors connected to the camera. They can activate an alarm and start recording the intruder. A notification is sending to the user’s cell phone. You can hear and speak to the intruders.

Wi-Fi camera
You don´t have to use clouds. They send the data through Wi-Fi. They are the most popular. It depends on the capacity of your Internet connection.

Chicago Choosing a Home Security Camera
Choosing a Home Security Camera Chicago