Autumn Fence Maintenance Tips

Autumn Fence Maintenance Tips


Fence maintenance ensures that your property and loved ones are protected. Additionally, a well-built fence enhances the exterior of your home. However, damaged fencing can compromise the security of your property. As a result, your safety perimeter loses its function and its visual appeal. Fencing rotects your children and pets from strangers and cars. For this reason, we bring you some Autumn Fence Maintenance Tips.

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How to Prevent Fence Maintenance Issues

Although fences are a great addition to any yard, they may deteriorate as time progresses. Hence, homeowners should take regular precautions to secure their property’s perimeters. Safeguard your fencing investment with the following tips:

1. Inspect For Damage

Over time, heavy rain and high winds can loosen vinyl, wood, and wrought iron fence posts. Therefore, it’s important to check for any signs of loosening. If left unaddressed, fence posts may tilt. Consequently, your tilted fence post could cause the fence to warp, sag, bend or twist.

No matter what kind of fence you have, inspections are necessary. After all, you might end up saving more money by addressing issues as they happen.

2. Clean Your Fence

Remove dirt, grime, and bird droppings from vinyl and iron fences using a mixture of water and dish soap. Use a nonabrasive brush to gently clean vinyl panels or iron bars. Afterward, rinse your fence using water from your garden hose. Lastly, gather towels to dry the fence or simply let it air dry. For tough stains or dirt on vinyl fencing, use a specialized cleaner.  

For wood fences, it’s important not to water them! Water will discolor the wood and the moisture will increase the chances of rotting. Instead, apply a cleaner or brightener. Every couple of years, use a pressure washer and restain or reseal wood. If you’re unsure about how to clean your wooden fence, contact the manufacturer.

3. Trim Branches

During autumn, it’s particularly important to trim the branches surrounding your fence. Often times, tree limbs may break due to heavy rains and winds. As a result, damage may occur to your fence. Therefore, it’s important to avoid any unnecessary costs with routine trimming before cold weather arrives.

4. Complete Necessary Repairs

The continuous changes in weather conditions may be very harsh on your fence. Therefore, regular fence maintenance can minimize overall repair costs.

If a section of a fence warps or brakes, it’s possible to fix that part without replacing the entire fence. For instance, damaged sections of wrought iron fences can be sawn off and a new section can be welded in its place. Additionally, if damage occurs to boards of wooden fences, replacement is possible too. However, if there’s extensive warping or rust, you may need to completely replace the fence.

Repairs should address problems caused by age, general wear, or harsh weather elements. Undoubtedly, maintenance will give you a fence that will look beautiful for years to come!

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