Everything About Composite Fencing

Everything About Composite Fencing

At first sight, it may sound like something very new and overwhelming. But if you want to know Everything About Composite Fencing, here we tell you about it. We are the experts in Composite Fences in Chicago.

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We have an ancient record of composite materials. These resources have been around since ancient Egypt where they mixed papyrus or wood. This was to create many layers to add greater hardness and durability.

Then, scientists found weapons from the 14th-century. Those consisted of a combination of bone, cattle tendons, horns, and bamboo.

As a result of the technological advances in the 20th century, humans found the foundations for the Composite we know today. All thanks to the chemical revolution in 1800 that allowed the creation of the first resins.

Everything About Composite Fencing Materials


It was not until 1930 that humanity discover something amazing. The unsaturated polyester resins that we still use today. As well as the introduction of the first glass fiber and the fiber-reinforced polymer.

Soon, new types of resins were introduced to the market and their sale became easier. This material was also adapted to the needs of the time.

Nowadays, this resource is mainly used to reuse a large amount of waste and make use of it in industry.


But,  it does not use common construction resources such as metal or wood. Its best-known characteristics are:

  • Lighten the weight of products
  • Avoid rust
  • Prevent moisture that can rot the material.
  • Recycling of single-use plastics
  • Increased durability and hardness
  • The material looks like real wood
  • Variety of colors available

As a result, of its manufacture with independent panels. There is another of its benefits. The pieces are just assembled for its installation. Due to this, you can save time and money.

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