How to Install Wrought Iron Fences and Gates?

How to install Wrought Iron Fences and Gates?

Iron fences and gates in Chicago are strong and stylish. The use of ornamental metal, wrought iron lends itself to classic and modern designs. This material can be combined with wood, cement or brick for more beauty and functionality, so it is the favorite with owners. Here is how to install Wrought Iron Fences and Gates?

If you are thinking about install iron fence and gate in Chicago for your home or business, it helps to know what it is. Look at a summary of how we install a wrought iron fence. If you want to know more, we invite you to our post:

What to expect at a Fence Installation?

Before digging a hole in the ground for the fence we first,  take care investigating the building codes for your area.
Second, we also investigate if you need a permit before building.
Third, we get the necessary markings for underground utility locations
Lastly, we plan the dimensions and locate where your iron fences and gates will go. We take the measurements of the area to know what the necessary materials are and calculate costs.

After phase one is complete, it is time to establish the installation plan, to assemble tools and materials. Here are some of the ones we use:

  • Fence panels, posts, gates, and fastenings
  • Shovel
  • Post hole digger
  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Stakes

How to install Iron Fence and Gates?

First: Prepare the work area by establishing stakes and lines

We start by placing stakes and ropes to mark where the iron fence and gate Chicago will be installed. Then we put stakes in the places where the fence will change direction. The rope is tight and we hold each stake.

Second: Digging Fence Post Holes

A pole should be in each corner and on each side of each fence panel.
Each of the pole holes will be 6 inches wide and about 2 feet deep (depending on the code).

They are with gravel for drainage at the bottom.
Once the holes are ready, the concrete with which the poles of the fence are installed will be supported.

After installing the poles, we proceed to the installation of a wrought iron fence and gate in Chicago.

Third: Wrought Installing Iron Fence and Gate Chicago

When installing wrought iron fences and gates in Chicago, you must have precision and care. The iron fence and gate are made of panels. Each panel is aligned and installed one by one. Therefore, panels must match the previously installed posts. Each panel is then fixed with screws, from the upper support to the lower support.

Final Step: Hang the Gate to install Iron Fence and Gate Chicago

The fence panels settle after the installation. Sometimes we wait a week to allow the panels to adjust, before hanging the gates. These, you attach to the hinged fence.

If you are ready to start your new iron fence and gate project, please contact our office today for a free estimate.