How to keep your gate tracks clear for Winter

How to keep your gate tracks clear for Winter

When it comes to winter fence maintenance, there are a lot of tasks that we need to take care of. The same applies to automatic gates. Even more for these ones. There are some common damages that can happen to an automatic fence and most of them are due to the weather. Yet, the weather that affects gates more is winter. Especially given how winter in our city is. So, that is why today we tell you how to keep your gate tracks clear for winter. Now, get ready because this article will tell you how to prepare your gates for the season.

Make sure to get rid of the debris and clutter inside the tracks

One thing that will affect your tracks is things that get stuck there. Things like branches, rocks, and so on. The bad thing about it is, that one winter gets here, snow covers all. This also means the debris. So, make sure to make a good habit of clearing the track of any obstruction. We recommend that you do this daily or every two days. Doing so will make sure to keep your gates clear and great. This is the first way how to keep your gate tracks clear for winter.

how to maintain your gate tracks clear for winter

Don't sleep on shoveling the snow

While snow is smoother per se and easier to remove, that doesn’t mean you should leave the snow sitting on the tracks. If you do, it’ll affect your tracks eventually. Don’t wait for it to thaw or melt away. Try to shovel it to prevent the tracks from getting damaged. If you do that, there won’t be any issues. As always, the way you install a fence will make sure that things get a lot better and safer, so, hire a reliable fence company before winter gets here.