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Serving Chicagoland, since 1975

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Serving Chicagoland, since 1975


Illinois Fence Company



Illinois Fence Company serves its clients throughout the Illinois area. Our qualified team provides you quality fence and security services. We have a full line of chain link fences, iron fences, wood fences, vinyl fences and more.

Also, at our Illinois Fence Company you will find unique and personalized styles. And we offer automatic security gates and security camera systems for residential and commercial properties. So, why wait? Contact us at 773-278-4762 for a free estimate.



Experts in Commercial and Industrial Fences

Your partner in Commercial and Industrial Fences

Our Company offers the best commercial and industrial fencing solutions. We have what you need to keep your property safe. We only use the highest quality materials. Our fence manufacturing methods are completely up to date. Our team follows a very serious quality control to make your fence durable. For over 30 years we have been the leading company in industrial and commercial fencing.

Commercial Fencing Solutions

We pride ourselves on having a proven track record of success. Our team is dedicated to meeting your business security needs. Always with the best disposition. We use excellent material and supplies to make your project successful. Trust us to handle your commercial fencing needs.

Best Industrial Fencing Service 

We have the highest quality standards. Our Compnay gives services to all types of industries. We work with small, medium and large companies. No matter the size of your project, we will do it with excellence and quality.

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Our services

We provide the following commercial, industrial, and residential services:

Iron Fence

We specialize in iron fences installation and repair. We work for residents and business owners in the Illinois area. Furthermore, we manufacture our products with high-quality. And our iron fences come with a one year warranty!

Chain Link Fence

Our chain link fences allow you to enclose your property´s boundaries. Chain-link fences are the best option if you´re looking for a durable and economical fence solution. Also, these fences are safe and maintenance free.

Vinyl Fence

We guarantee satisfactory vinyl fence installations or repairs for your property. Vinyl fences are an economical option. No painting, dyeing, or sanding are necessary for maintenance.

Wood Fence

We help you select the right wood fence from a variety of styles. And if you want to, we can create a unique design for you. Our Commencial and Residential Fence Company in Illinois offers will enhance your property’s security. So, why wait? Contact us and get a unique fence.

Iron Railing 

We value each one of our costumers. That´s the reason why we have served Illinois homeowners and business owners for 40 years. We specialize in iron railing installations or repairs for commercial and residential properties.

Wrought Iron Fence 

Our Industrial Fence Company in Illinois offers secure and beautiful wrought iron fence. We have a huge variety of styles to compliment the exterior of your home or business. 

Iron Bollards

We like to provide exceptional solutions for our customers. Also, our wide selection of high-quality iron bollards is designed to protect your property. And we provide personalized customer service.

Automatic Security Gates

Our Commercial Fence Company in Illinois offers custom designed automatic security gates . All with access systems. They are useful both for your business or your home. Furthermore, our security gates options are available for you.

Security Camera System and Intercoms

Our knowledgeable professionals install the latest security camera system technology for homes and businesses. Also, we like to create customized security solutions to ensure that our clients feel secure 24/7. We only use the most advanced equipment to ensure your safety. 

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It’s no secret that Chicago has a reputation for its high crime rate. And even though the burglary rate is slightly less than the national average, Chicago still saw over 14,000 burglaries in 2018, or about three homes for every 1,000.