What do you need for a Commercial Fence Installation?

What do you need for a Commercial Fence Installation?

It’s time to offer your business a little extra security. Your customers will be happy to have you install a new commercial fence. When it comes to commercial fence installation, most of our customers ask us: What Do You Need For A Commercial Fence Installation? The truth is, you need to hire specialists in the field. See what the experts in fence installation have for you.

Although it may seem obvious, the first thing you need to do is select the type of fence. This will of course depend on your type of establishment. Commercial fences come in different colors, designs, and materials, so they are adaptable to any business. Make an appointment with a specialist team to evaluate your possibilities.

Also, you should define the use that the fence will have or the objective that you want to achieve by placing a fence. If what you want is to improve aesthetics then you can use wooden fences. But if your objective is to improve security, it is best to include a metallic mesh. You can add an extra security system such as cameras.

The budget

Of course, having defined your fence, before starting any work get the budget. The cost will depend on the material of the fence. Also, the size of the area you want to enclose and the style. The right company will use all the information you provide in order to get an estimate and the duration of the project.

The Right Type of Fence

There are a lot of types of fences out there. However, for a Commercial setting, there are some that we recommend more than others. These ones are there to stand the test of time. Beyond their durability, they are also amazing as security gates. They will keep your business protected at all times. Our commercial fence company Chicago has a lot of experience when it comes to installing and maintaining them. If you are unsure about the whole process for the installation you can always contact us to find out more about it and start your free estimate today!

The Installation

Once you have the estimate in your hands, then comes the installation of the fence. At this point you just need to schedule a date for the project to begin. Take the opportunity to discuss any details you have in mind. Discuss your concerns with the selected contractor. The installation team will use specialized tools and equipment to get your fence installed properly. In addition, the company will work with reliable and experienced personnel. So, everything will be perfect

Unless you are installing the fence yourself, you will not need a lot of resources to install your fence. Hire trained people who are specialized in the field. Free yourself from worries and call the specialists.

What do you need for a Commercial Fence Installation?
What Do You Need For A Commercial Fence Installation Chicago Il


Commercial Fence Installation in Chicago requires special permits. Visit the appropriate department to obtain all your Fence Permits. Depending on the company hired, they can advise you or even take care of the paperwork. 

Building codes

While installing a residential fence is quite easy, commercial ones need more paperwork. All fence contractors should inform you about the fence building codes. Every city varies so in this case we focus on Chicago and its surroundings. You can find a list of fence codes online. But we also recommend talking to your fence contractors for more detailed information. As you know the materials will influence the type of installation you can make. For example, in some areas, chain link fences can only be installed on the front or back of a business. Whereas in others the material can also be used inside of a company as an enclosure. So, be wary of every single thing that you need before installing. The last thing you want is a fine after paying for a fence. Yet, don’t worry as fence companies always inform you about all these things before the installation.

Chicago What Do You Need For A Commercial Fence Installation


Be it a residential or commercial fence installation, there is one thing that can make an effect. The climate in Chicago. It can be a highly important factor when it comes to installing anything. Either at home or a business. Yet, we will focus on companies today. We have already talked about the best season to install a fence and it is something everyone should follow. Why? As you know there are some climates that affect the whole installation process in different ways. For example, winter. Winter is a great season for a lot of things but not for installing a fence. The ground freezes and this makes perforating it a lot harder. So for a business, we do not recommend this season for installation. Before getting a fence contractor to do the work, check the season and plan ahead of time to avoid any caveats


Most people ask: should you repair or replace a damaged fence? Well, this is a pretty good question when it comes to choosing a commercial fence. Why? It is all an expense. Everything has its cost. So, repairing and replacing are two factors to keep in mind. Maintenance costs can be sometimes higher than installation ones. So, in these cases make sure to think ahead of the costs and all that. If you deem it necessary to replace a fence, go ahead. But, if repairing is possible, think about that too. The material will also influence how durable and sturdy the fence will be. Some materials require less maintenance than others. Remember to always ask your fence contractors about recommendations for them. There are a lot of fence materials out there that you can use for your installation. So, do not hesitate on asking for recommendations.


Another thing you need to think about before installing is the purpose the fence will have. While fences come in different sizes and styles and can be tempting to install, you need to think it through. Why? Let’s think about a shipping company. You have trucks and products inside the business. And maybe a wrought iron fence could be good. And while there are a lot of reasons to install a wrought iron fence, this might not be the best for this type of business. So, always make sure to get the purpose of the fence first. A chain link would be a lot better in this case. Also, there are some safety regulations some industries need. So, keep an eye out for all of them before installing. Commercial fencing contractors will guide you through the process though. So, you’ll be in good hands.

Analyze your security needs

One thing that is also paramount when it comes to fence installation is the security needs of your business. We’ve already given the example of a shipping company but this applies to any. Companies need to be safe and to have their products kept in a safe spot. The fence you install will determine how safe your company is. But, it is also important to keep the budget in mind. We have a lot of materials that might work but some are better than others. For instance, wood and vinyl are not the best for businesses. While they look good and are durable in their own way, they are not the safest. A chain-link fence or an iron one would be great choices. So, analyze your company’s surroundings before installing a fence for the business.

Check the access of your business

Fences provide a lot of things and one of these is access. If you have products coming and going, it is important to give your company good access. Some fences are really good for this. Materials play a big factor as well. Some people want to go for iron fences all the time and while good, the gates are more for homes. Now, that doesn’t mean they are not doable. Our fence company, for example, offers customizable fences. So, in case you’re looking for a wrought iron fence gate, we can make that for you. That is another thing to look for, check fence companies that offer customizable options. That’ll make your choice a lot faster and easier.
And there you have them. The things you need for commercial fence installation. For more information remember to follow us. And if you want to install a fence, we offer free quotes for them. You just have to call today!