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5 Common Mistakes When Installing a Picket Fence

Fencing is often part of creating a home. However, there are many common mistakes homeowners make when installing a picket fence. This can affect how the fence will look and work when you’re finished. So, here are 5 Common Mistakes When Installing a Picket Fence.

Picket Wood Fence Styles-residential wood picket fence

The lack of planning is a Common Mistake When Installing a Picket Fence

Many of the major fence installation mistakes are often because of the lack of planning. Before you buy fencing materials and start digging, you need to take some time and plan your fence project. It is the first step.

Not checking your local zoning laws for your picket fence

Don’t forget that not all fences are allowed in all areas. You need to make sure that you are within any height limitations and also any boundary requirements. Some locations allow for fencing on a property line, others may require an offset.

Forgetting to call before you dig is another Mistake When Installing a Picket Fence

Always call Miss Utility before you dig! Skipping this step is the worst thing you can do. Most fence posts need to have one third of their height underground. You don’t want to run the risk of hitting pipes or wires underground, so this is a priority.

Not measuring your sections for your picket fence

It is important to know the sizes of the sections you’ll need and account for any inconsistencies up front. Also, you will need to know where to set your post holes. This is why measuring your fence line is so important. Knowing where the posts will go and the number of custom cuts on a fence section will save you time and money.

Not setting the gates correctly

Make sure that you install sturdy hinge posts to hang the gate from. You also need to check the ground below the gate; if it isn’t level, make sure the far end of the gate is high enough off the ground to allow movement.

So, your home just needs the best. This is why there are Chicago fence companies that will make things a lot easier for you. There are more than just wood fences in Chicago. So, don’t doubt to ask!

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