How to Install Fences for Sloped Yards

How to Install Fences for Sloped Yards

Leveling an entire yard can be expensive and impractical. Few have a real choice in the matter. So, embrace your sloped yard! And while you’re at it, learn how Chicago fence companies install fences on a slope. Here is How to Install Fences for Sloped Yards. When learning how to install fencing on a slope, you will need to use either a raking method or a stepping method. Both options are readily available and viable for many lawns. Also, don’t forget that popular fence panel styles include the traditional overlap panel, feather edge, and picket fence. Fencing doesn’t just have to be functional, it can also be beautiful!

Raked Fencing

A raked fence is manufactured with a strong angle in mind. So, the rails are parallel to the ground and the pickets point straight up. With this method, the gap between the pickets and the ground remains about the same throughout the entire fence. This creates a uniform look and prevents your pets from escaping through gaps. However, this method is not appropriate for all sloped lawns. If the angle of the slope is very steep, raked fencing may not be possible.

Stepped Fencing

Stepped fencing uses rails that are perpendicular to the pickets (like the fencing used for level land). Each section is attached to the post to accommodate the slope of the land. So, your fence will mimic a set of stairs in shape. This increases in height as you move further up the slope. With this method, there will be gaps. Also, they create a slightly less uniform and consistent look because the bottoms of the panels don’t follow the slope of the land.

How to Install Fences for Sloped Yards

So, what to choose for your sloped yard?

Do I mind having gaps beneath my fence? If you do, choose raked fencing. In case you like uniform gaps and straight lines, and you would prefer that the fence followed the slope of the land, choose raked fencing. If you prefer a stair-like style that moves upward in blocks, choose stepped fencing. It is all up to you!

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