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The Purpose of Guardrails

The Purpose of Guardrails In the world of fences, there is one product that causes a lot of doubts amongst people. Guardrails. What are they for? Why do some people install them but some others don’t know about their existence? What is the purpose of guardrails? Where do they go? Well, today we plan to … Read more

Homeowners Associations and Fences

Homeowners Associations and Fences As you know, Homeowners Associations in Chicago are big. Living in one is pretty good. But, there might be some limitations when it comes to building projects. If you’re part of one, it is important to be informed about every regulation you need to comply with. Not only the city’s but … Read more

Best Season for Fence Installation

Best Season for Fence Installation Installing a fence is a big decision. It requires some research before doing it. In the case of our city, there are some seasons that are better for installing a fence. Today we tell you what is the best season for fence installation. Plan ahead before starting any project. It … Read more

Alternatives to Wood Fencing

Chicago Alternatives to Wood Fencing

Alternatives to Wood Fencing Fencing has a lot of options. Most people already know about the most famous and common ones. Wood being one. This type of fence has been decorating every single house in our city for a long time. They are amazing fences for first-time fence owners. They are accessible, easy to install, … Read more

Iron Fence Installation Process

fence installation process

Iron Fence Installation Process One of the most common types of fences that people look for lately is iron fences. Both in the commercial and residential sectors. With people asking for this type of fence often we have realized something. People deserve to know what the installation process is about. Today we tell you that. … Read more